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Week beginning 29/06/2020

KS3 Music: Rhythm and Pulse Maths: Money PowerPoint, 0-20 numberline, Blue group activity sheet, Green group activity sheet, Red group activity sheet English: Phonics PowerPoint, Blue group activity, Green group activity, Red group activity Science: Energy PowerPoint, Science summer Senses PowerPoint, advantages and disadvantages, Blue group – renewable energy, Blue group – saving energy challenge, Green group – renewable energy, Red group – questions, Red group – renewable energy challenge cards     […]

Sensory Strategies

Tips for using Sensory Strategies   Alerting Sensory Strategies   Calming Sensory Strategies   Organising Sensory Strategies

Example Resources

We hope that you find our resources hub useful. Here you will find examples of  wide ranging resources created by the Outreach team that we can use to support pupils in school.          

Covid-19 Support

As the Outreach team we want to touch base with you.  We hope  that you and your family are safe and well. We know this is a very strange time, how is your school adapting to meet the current guidelines whilst supporting pupils? I know that you will be working hard to provide as much […]