Welcome to Class Flinders.


The teacher in our class is Ms Pumphrey and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Louth and Miss Edge. There are 12 pupils in our KS3 class and we are a mix of year 7, 8 and 9 pupils.


This term we will be learning about The Tempest as part of our English topic. We will be writing our own versions of a narrative story with an exciting event and the resolution! In Grow It we have been learning about the things that plants need to grow and we’ve even planted seeds to grow our own vegetables!


As part of our Art topic, Art from Different Cultures, we have been using lots of strips of materials to make an African weave pattern.


We enjoy our RE lessons on a Wednesday, when we have been learning about Places of Worship. We’ve been learning the names of the different religions Places of Worship, how to be respectful of all religions and where our own special places might be!

Class Updates