Welcome to class Johnson!


The teacher in our class is Miss Hall and our Teaching Assistant is Ms Sutcliffe. There are 8 pupils in our class.


This term we will be learning about how to create a story board as part of our film it project, so far we have enjoyed watching film clips on the I-pad and have learnt how to recognise the different film genres. We have also enjoyed learning to take different types of photographs.


We have also really enjoyed our manufacturing lessons. Here we have had the opportunity to create a range of products for the North Ridge gift company including different types of pottery, candles and printed bags. We really love to see our products on sale at the 2nd handmade shop, at cup and cake and on etsy.


This term we have also been out within the local community as part of our health and wellbeing: leisure module. We loved going to the local library to explore the different books.


We will be going on a trip to the cycle ability track at Boggart Clough as part of ASDAN: participating in sporting activities module. Here we will have the chance to use the accessible bikes whilst accessing the community. This is something the whole class can participate in and we can’t wait to go and ride on all the bikes.

Class Updates