Welcome to class MacArthur!


The teacher in our class is Mr Vacara and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hutton and Mrs Telfair. There are twelve pupils in our class.


This term we will be learning about lots of exciting things such as:

The play ‘The Tempest’ written by William Shakespeare. We will be exploring the story and how the main characters behave. There will be lots of dressing up and casting of spells!


World War II in History. We will be focusing on how children were evacuated so they could be safer in the countryside. We will also be looking at why the war started and why ration books were so important.


African art. We will be creating our own mask designs along with creating our own African sunset images, along with animal silhouettes.



We will be going swimming this term as part of the carousel subjects on offer – this is something we all enjoy because we take any opportunity to get into the water!

Class Updates