Welcome to class Mallory!


The teacher in our class is Miss McCarthy and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Callaghan, Miss Blair and Mr Hall. There are 6 Pupils in our class.


This term we have been learning about Noah’s Ark as part of our English and Theme Topic. We have listened to the story and engaged with real life props such as a wooden Ark and animal puppets to help us understand the story. We also enjoyed our visit from Zoo2U, where we got the chance to look at all the different animals that you might find on Noah’s Ark!


As part of our Maths topic this half term we have been learning about ‘measurement’. We have explored a range of objects and sorted them into big or small. We have then looked at measuring objects with multilink and paper clips. Some of us have even been measuring using centre metres and millimetres! We then moved on to measuring ‘capacity’ and as a class we took it in turns to fill and empty containers using a range of items such as, sand, pasta, water and rice.


We enjoy our Friday lessons in Life skills where we have been learning about healthy life styles. As part of this topic we have been going to the gym and exercising on the treadmill, rowing machine and cross trainer to help us keep fit! We then practiced making a healthy sandwich to help us understand healthier food choices.

Class Updates