Welcome to class Mallory.

The teacher in our class is Mrs Humphries and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Callaghan and Miss Blair. There are 6 pupils in our class.

This term we will be learning about; War and Peace as part of our thematic curriculum where many of our lessons will be based around this theme.

“Lion Witch and the Wardrobe” is our story in English where we are completing many different reading and writing tasks.

In maths we are exploring number through many different sensory resources which is helping us to develop new skills to solve number problems such as addition, subtraction and sharing.

We enjoy following our daily schedule which gives us structure and routine, we complete independent activities at our workstation and have lots of sensory breaks throughout the day. We work in small groups and spend 1:1 time with the staff in our class to help us complete our activities in lessons. We visit different areas of the school such as the gym and soft play, we like our classroom to be calm and quiet, we really enjoy messy play!

Class Updates