Welcome to class Nightingale!


The teacher in our class is Claire Brannigan and our Teaching Assistant is Sue Deniz. There are 6 pupils in our class.


This term we will be learning about, Making the most of Leisure Time, Health and Safety in the Workplace and Learning Through Work Experience.


As part of our topic, Health and Safety in the Workplace, students have been learning about the different health and safety signs and what they mean. They have been learning about what procedure to take if there was a fire in their department and who to report to if they suspect a fire.


As we are based at North Manchester General Hospital it is extremely important the students are aware of these safety signs in order to keep themselves safe and others safe.


The students have a variety of different responsibilities ranging from labelling the medication and feeding it into the robot, delivering milk to various departments, taking the temperature of the freezer and fridges, making sure the equipment in the theatre stores are stored correctly, ensuring all areas of the Gallery cafe are kept clean and tidy and all stock replenished and in Speech and language the filing is up to date and the laminating is completed.


Class Nightingale are enjoying their roles at the hospital and are valued members of their team.

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