Welcome to class Nightingale

The teacher in our class is Claire Brannigan and our Teaching Assistants are Sue Deniz and Aimie Telfair. We have 8 pupils in our class.

This term we will be learning about Maintaining Work Standards within the Workplace.

As part of our topic, Maintaining work standards, students have been learning the importance of time keeping with an emphasis on ensuring jobs are carried out to a good standard including working towards deadlines.

The students have a variety of different responsibilities ranging from labeling the medication and feeding it into the robot in the pharmacy department, delivering milk to various departments, taking the temperature of the freezer and fridges. When working in the Theatre stores it is the student’s responsibility to ensure all equipment is stored correctly. At the Gallery cafe students have to be able to keep all areas clean and tidy as well as replenishing all stock and within the Speech and language department duties include making sure the filing is up to date and the laminating is completed.

Class Nightingale are enjoying their roles at the hospital and are valued members of their team.

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