Welcome to class Scott!


The teacher in our class is Mr Goodwin and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Havern, Mrs Graham, Mrs Okumbowa and Miss Wydrych. There are 9 Pupils in our class from years 7 to 12.


This term in Class Scott we have been enjoying our theme Noahs ark. We have a fantastic sensory story with sounds and props to really get a feel of what is happening throughout the story.


We have incorporated this theme into all of our lessons. In maths we have been looking at pairs and colours. In lifeskills we have been making pairs of animal cookies and Noahs ark pudding which is very tasty! During our thematic lessons we have been looking at colours individually and then exploring what will happen when we mix two colours together. We have each been working on our physical skills in hydrotherapy and some of us have been having rebound therapy as part of our weekly PE lessons.

Class Updates