Welcome to class Tenzing!


Our class teacher is Ms Kunaka and our teaching assistants are Miss Ambrose and Miss Heathcote. There are 6 pupils in our class.


This term we will be learning number skills and geometry in Maths, reading and writing in English and café and enterprise in Life skills. We also have a new curriculum this year ,Theme. Each term we have a specific theme to work on; and this term our theme is Space.  We will be learning a lot of things about space and working on our personal life skills targets in four areas: Communication, Flexibility of Thought, Social Interaction and Emotional Regulation. We are really looking forward to it.


As part of our Life Skills we will be visiting the school café on Fridays where we will be experiencing ordering and paying for our own meals. We will also be holding our own class Tenzing café where we will prepare a snack, drinks and take turns to save each other. We hope to invite our parents and carers to one of our class café and save them drinks and a snack. We are really excited and looking forward to it.


We will be exploring the topic Enterprise; we will be working on a class enterprise project. We hope to work very hard to produce items to sell at the school Christmas fair and make a profit. We can’t wait for this project.

Class Updates