Welcome to class Hudson!

The teacher in our class is Miss Sharkey and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bastow and Mrs Mooney. There are 11 pupils in our KS4 class; we are a mix of year 9, 10 and year 11 pupils.


This term we will be learning about Sport as part of our English topic and The Human Body in Science. We will also be learning about money as part of our Maths topic. We will be going on a trip to our local Tesco and doing some shopping so that we can practice our money skills in the real world. We work towards gaining our OCR certificates at the end of year 11.


We enjoy taking part in Vocational learning days on a Thursday which helps us to work towards our ASDAN qualification. For our first term we will be taking part in ‘Cook it’ and will be working on gaining skills in the kitchen and following a recipe.

Class Updates