March 2020-Important information relating to the new 6th form site at Abraham Moss

Families of 6th Form Students in September 2020

Current Year 11 students – Year 13

Information Session Friday 13th March 10 a.m. – 11a.m.


Families are invited to meet with myself, Sarah Read and Elaine Redpath so we can brief you about the plan to move our sixth form to the Abraham Moss site from September 2020.

We will run through the following topics:

  • The timeline for the building of the new North Ridge hub;
  • The plans to transfer students and how you can support your son/ daughter;
  • The proposed activities/ timetable;
  • Transport and safety regarding accessing the site;
  • Lunch and recreational times;
  • Vocational learning opportunities;


This session will be of use to families of sixth form age students or year 11 students due to go into 6th form in September 2020.

Please contact school to confirm if you will be attendingThe calendar for the academic year 2020/ 2021 is available on the website

Bernice Kostick