11th November 2020

It is great to have so many pupils back in school and we are working really hard to keep safe. We had a visit from the Health and Safety Executive on 4.11.20. I am very pleased to report that they were happy with our practice.


Our priority is maintaining the safe practices in school so we reduce the spread of COVID. Wearing face masks, regular hand washing and social distance all help.


We marked Remembrance with a minutes silence in our playground stood in bubbles and Miss Brown played the last post. Our students showed respect throughout. Well done!



I am pleased to inform you that the target to have the Sixth form Hub open by January seems to be still be achievable despite the recent lock down. I am sure you are all as appreciative of the work by MCC and the Mc Avoy group.



Thanks to all our families for your support during this challenging time.


Bernice Kostick