Duke of Edinburgh

In KS4 pupils are given the opportunity to gain the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. Pupils develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in four key areas; physical, skill, volunteering and expedition.  There are four sections to the bronze award which include: volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. This year the students will be taking part in the following activities to complete their award:



Volunteering section: Pupils have been volunteering in the North Ridge allotment this year. Throughout the year they have attended the allotment and supported the school by maintaining the allotment and planting new vegetables and plants.



Physical section: Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical fitness.  Pupils undertake a number of gym sessions which focus on developing cardiovascular fitness and endurance and also engage in strengthening exercises for carrying their packs for the expedition.



Skill section: For the skill section pupils engage with new and exciting activities that they haven’t experienced before.  This year the pupils have chosen to develop their skills by learning how to play new board games, lead board games and teaching others their new skill.



Expedition section: This years expedition will take place in June 2023. The pupils will spend 2 days hiking and an over night stay at Ashworth Valley where they will cook their own meals.


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