Welcome to class Vesuvius!


The teacher in our class is Miss Brown and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Wall, Miss Williams and Mr Ali-Kammara. There are 8 pupils in our structured learner class, we are a mix of year 8, year 9 and year 10 pupils.


This term in theme our topic is Journeys. We will be learning about the different continents and how to locate them on a map. Also, we will look at what life is like in the different continents by exploring the animals that live there, the food that is eaten, the main religion, landmarks, mountains and rivers.


This term in maths our topic is Money. We will be learning how to identify different coins and to understand their value to enable us to use the correct coins to pay for different items. Also, we will work out the change from different amounts.


Information about the qualifications we work towards:


In year 10 and 11 we work towards gaining out ASDAN transition challenge qualification. We complete different modules as part of our lessons.


Take a look at our curriculum map to see what else we are learning this term.


Class Updates