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The teachers in our class are Elaine Redpath and Laura Brewer and our Teaching Assistant is John McCauley. There are 11 pupils in our 6th Form class, we are a mix of year 12, year 13 and year 14 pupils.


This term in English our topic is Communication (formal and informal language). We will be learning about the different types of places where we use formal and informal language and learning a customer service script using formal language that can be used at Cup & Cake café to greet and serve customers.


This term in ASDAN our topic is making the most of Leisure Time. We will be learning about what leisure is, participating in different types of leisure activities, evaluating leisure activities and identifying leisure activities relevant to us.


Information about qualifications our pupils work towards:

In Key stage 5 we work towards gaining an ASDAN Entry Level Personal and Social Development qualification.


We take part in a range of work experiences and voluntary work at “Cup and Cake”, “Second handmade”, “The Hive” and St Paul’s church.


We learn functional skills in the community to develop our ability to apply the knowledge we learn in class.  We make lunch for all the 6th form students and staff once a week and we take part in weekly health and well-being sessions to maintain our fitness.


Take a look at our curriculum map to see what else we are learning this term.

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