Welcome to class Endeavour!


The teacher in our class is Toni Hall and our Teaching Assistants are Gaynor, Lisa and Jo. There are 9 pupils in our Key stage 5 class, we are a mix of sensory/supported learners of year 12, year 13 and year 14 pupils.



Information about the qualifications we work towards:

In Key Stage 5 we work towards gaining our ASDAN entry level qualifications by the end of year 14. We gain qualifications in either personal and social development or personal progress.


We enjoy developing our vocational learning skills through weekly manufacturing lessons. The products that we create are sold through our school business: North Ridge Gift Company.


We also enjoy accessing a range of work experiences at cup and cake, 2nd handmade shop and the hive.


Take a look at our curriculum map to see what else we are learning this term.


Class Updates