Welcome to class Hunter!


The teacher in our class is Mr Hall and our Teaching Assistants are Miss MacLaren, Mrs Fernandes and Miss Isaac. There are 8 pupils in our structured learning class, we are a mix of year 10, year 11, year 12, year 13 and year 14 pupils.


This term in Theme our topic is Journeys. We will be learning about different cultures from around the world, where to find countries on a map, how to make a journey and most importantly, how to stay safe whilst making a journey.


This term in Maths our topic is number and money. We will be learning about recognising and ordering numbers and using these skills to apply to money and understanding the value of money and how to use it.


Information about qualifications our pupils work towards:

All pupils in class Hunter take part in ASDAN. This is either transition challenge or personal progress. Both sets help to develop our pupil’s skills, knowledge and understanding of different topics and everyday life choices such as being healthy.


Take a look at our curriculum map to see what else we are learning this term.


Class Updates