Welcome to Class Scafell!


The teacher in our class is Mrs Bosch and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Clancy, Ms Hargreaves and Ms Chaudary. There are 11 pupils in our class. We are a mix of pupils from Year 7 to Year 14.  We have a range of learning, physical and medical needs in our class. Many of us use wheelchairs and specialist equipment to support us with positioning, travelling and moving.


Information about what our pupils work towards and the learning they access:

Our pupils work follows a pre-formal curriculum centered on different themes. Pupils access all subjects through a ‘theme’. This promotes a love of learning, pupil engagement and pupil progress. Our pupils really enjoy the different themes they cover within the academic year. This year, we are going to be accessing themes: War and Peace, Celebration and Farm to Fork!


Information about qualifications our pupils work towards:

Those of us in Key stage 4 work towards gaining ASDAN Transition Challenge and our Sixth Form pupils work towards gaining an award ASDAN Personal Progress.

All of us in Class Scafell explore different job roles in our half termly career sessions where we role play different occupations.


Take a look at our curriculum map to see what we are learning this term.


Class Updates