Week beginning 04/05/2020


Music: Samba Music PowerPointSamba Music, Samba beats video

Maths: Counting quantities, Quantities videoNumber cards

English: Blue and Green group: The Legend of King Arthur with symbols,Red group: King Arthur story PowerPointBlue, Green and Red group: King Arthur comprehensionMyths and Legends, Myths and Legends video

Science: Garden Bingo PowerPointGarden Bingo Sheet

DT: Music Maker

Cooking: Leek and potato soup



Art: Research an Artist

Maths: Class Bonington and VancouverClass Hudson

English: English writing

Science: The Human Body, The Human Body videoCreate a healthy recipe book



Arts & Crafts: Handmade Cards

Maths: Class Bell and Shipton, Class Bell and Shipton maths video

English: Johnson & Peake What can you do at the libraryJohnson & Peake green reading bookJohnson & Peake red reading bookBell and Shipton English video

Life Skills: Lower abilityHigher ability



Arts& Crafts: Making a character

Maths: Maths work, Maths Video

English: English work

Life Skills: Make a snack with fruit



Maths: First activity: Tactile number, Number videoDiceBlank diceNumber cards

Second activity: Counting quantities, Quantities videoNumber cards

Videos: Monday song, Tuesday Song, Wednesday Song, Thursday Song, Friday Song, Alphabet song, Count to 5 Song, Count to 10 song, Good to be me signing Song

Sensory Story: Lost in London


Active Learning:

Active Learning: PE Alphabet Workout VideoAlphabet Fitness Instruction and Help Sheet

PE: Circuit 1 video by Mr Errock

Circuit 2 by Mr Errock


Grow it:



How to make a bird feeder

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