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Week beginning 22/06/2020

KS3 Music: Music PowerPoint Maths: Money PowerPoint, Blue group activity sheet, Green group activity sheet, Red group activity sheet English: Phonics PowerPoint, Blue group activity, Green group activity, Red group activity Science: The 5 Senses Cooking: Pasta Salad PowerPoint, Pasta Salad recipe     KS4 Arts and Crafts: Creating your own African mask Maths: Geometry-lesson 1 English: Travel Science: Phases of the Moon PowerPoint, Phases of the moon video, Moons Blue group, Moons […]

Week beginning 15/06/2020

KS3 Drama: The Twits Lesson 4 Maths: Money PowerPoint, Blue group activity sheet, Green group activity sheet, Red group activity sheet English: Write your own myth, Write your own story Hot task Science: changing materials, Changing States Reversible Irreversible Changes Activity Sheet, Gases, Liquids and Solids Activity Sheet, blue group, green group, red group, Senses Life Skills: Lesson 1 Healthy Eating, Healthy Eating     KS4 Arts and Crafts: Creating your […]

Week beginning 8/06/2020

Daily Tasks: KS3 Drama: The Twits Lesson 3 Maths: Money, Red activity money sheet English: Box It Up Legend of King Arthur, Box it up Legend of King Arthur worksheets, King Arthur Story: Blue Science: floating and sinking PowerPoint, Blue group: activity, write up, cutting and sticking, Green group: activity, Red group: activity, Green and red group: write up, cutting and sticking DT: Chocolate brownie recipe   KS4 Arts […]

Week Beginning 01/06/2020

Daily Tasks: KS3 Drama: The Twits Lesson 2, The Twits Maths: Measure e learning, Blue activity measure sheet, Green activity measure sheet, red activity measure sheet English: Create a story setting Myths & Legends, Story setting PowerPoint, Setting description worksheets red, green & blue Science: The human body PowerPoint, Blue group – bones, Blue group – organs, Green group – bones, Green group – bones 2, Green group – […]

RSE: Week 5 Private and Public

Week 5 Private and Public   Private public lower female Private public lower male   Private public middle female Private public middle male   Private public higher female private public higher male

RSE: Week 1 Different Family Structures

Week 1 – Different family structures   Families come is all different shapes, sizes, genders, ages and religions. This week we explore how our family is made up and look at how someone else’s family may look. There is a link to the stonewall website and a really interesting home learning pack, take a look […]