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Autumn 2022 Rubrics

KS3   KS3 Art Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 Computing Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 Cook it Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 English Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 Grow it Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 Maths Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 MFL Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 PE Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 PSHCE Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 RE Rubric Autumn 2022 KS3 […]


We want North Ridge students to take part in aspirational work experience placements to gain and develop skills for life. Work experience helps leavers get and sustain employment and play a full part in the community. We have developed a number of partnerships with key employers across Manchester.   Northridge High School is always looking […]

Summer 2022 Rubrics

KS3   KS3 Art Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 Computing Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 DT Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 DT- Cook It Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 DT- Grow It Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 English Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 Maths Rubric 1 Summer 2022 KS3 Maths Rubric 2 Summer 2022 KS3 MFL Rubric Summer 2022 KS3 Music […]

Spring 2022 Rubrics

KS3   KS3 Art Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 Computing Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 DT Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 English Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 Geography Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 History Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 Maths Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 MFL Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 Music Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 PE Rubric Spring 2022 KS3 PSHCE Rubric […]

Autumn 2021 Rubrics

KS3 Rubrics   KS3 Art Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 Computing Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 DT Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 English Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 Geography Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 History Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 Maths Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 MFL Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 Music Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 PE Rubric Autumn 2021 KS3 PSHCE […]

Long Term Plans

KS3 Long Term Plans   KS3 Art long term plan   KS3 Computing long term plan   KS3 DT long term plan   KS3 English long term plan   KS3 Humanities long term plan   KS3 Maths long term plan   KS3 MFL long term plan   KS3 Music long term plan   KS3 PE […]

Curriculum Policies

Curriculum policy   Art Curriculum Policy   CEIAG and WRL Curriculum Policy   Computing Curriculum Policy   Cook It Curriculum Policy   DT Curriculum Policy   English Curriculum Policy English Handwriting Policy English Phonics Policy English Reading Policy   Film It curriculum policy   Geography Curriculum Policy   Grow It Curriculum Policy   History Curriculum […]