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Welcome to Class Crossfell!   Our teacher in class Crossfell is Miss Scott and our teaching assistants are Miss Blair and Mr West. We are a class of 6 pupils.


Welcome to class Rainier!   The teacher in class Rainier is Ms Jones. Our teaching assistants are Ms Clegg, Ms Bowie and Ms Hardman. We have 6 students in our class.


Welcome to class Denali!   The teachers in our class are Mrs Flannagan and Mr Scrivens. our Teaching Assistants are Mr Graham, Ms Wall, Mr Hickman and Miss Driver. There are 8 pupils in our class.


Welcome to class Hunter!   The teacher in our class is Mr Hall and our Teaching Assistants are Ms McClaren, Ms Isaac and Ms Fernandez. There are 7 Pupils in our class.  


Welcome to class Vesuvius!   The teacher in our class is Miss Brown and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Baker, Miss Williams and Mr Alikamara. There are 8 Pupils in our class.